How Long Do Microneedling Results Last?


Microneedling has earned tremendous recognition in recent years; it has become a successful treatment for various skin complications. It involves a minimally invasive process that is carried out by using small needles. Microneedling provides treatment for minor injuries on the skin’s surface. This treatment invigorates collagen production and improves skin wellness. It deals with skin concerns and substantially changes the skin tone, texture, and looks. Many people wonder about the longevity of microneedling results.

Longevity of Microneedling Results

Different factors can affect the longevity of microneedling results:

Age factor and skin condition

Individuals with young age go through fewer skin complications relative to old age persons. That is why young people experience long-lasting results. Old individuals with deep skin issues like blotches and scars may not experience long-lasting results because, of age; skin doesn’t produce sufficient collagen.

Number of sessions matter!

Multiple sessions of microneedling with an interval have optimal and lasting outcomes. Your aesthetician can guide you in this regard!

Maintenance schedule

Practicing a good skincare routine and taking all the proper measures for your skin after it undergoes microneedling will equip you with prolonged results. For this, quit using harsh products, use non-irritant gentle cleansers, no scrubbing, and scratching, avoid sun exposure, and be kind to your skin as long as it is a healing process.

Lifestyle matters

A healthy lifestyle determines your inner strength and outer glow. Unhealthy life choices bring adversity to your overall health, including your skin. Your skin reflects what you consume and how you live, so eat healthy and maintain a hygienic lifestyle. Avoid smoking and extensive consumption of alcohol.

In short, microneedling results usually last for 6-12 months, but again keep in mind the factors I mentioned above as they impact the longevity of the results.

How to Extend the Time of Microneedling Results?

Many individuals prefer to have maintenance sessions as they carry out some valuable touch-up treatments. Such treatments are programmed every six months; your aesthetician will guide you about these maintenance sessions; their significance is immense as they sustain the early results of microneedling.

Do the Impact of Microneedling Show Instantly?

No, the results are not abrupt. Once you undergo microneedling, your skin may go through mild swelling and some redness; it usually stays for fewer days. The production of collagen will take a little more time to occur. So no rush; stay calm and be patient to see a transformation and its full effects!

Why Should You Opt for Microneedling?

  • Not ultra-expensive
  • Promises long-lasting results
  • A minimal invasive treatment
  • More organic
  • Quick recovery process

Enjoy a more beautiful and youthful version of yourself by availing of promising microneedling treatment.

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