How Much Do PRP Treatments Cost?


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a safe and cutting-edge regenerative treatment widely used to treat injuries and degenerative diseases. PRP is a concentrated source of powerful growth factors obtained from a patient’s blood. 

It is a viable alternative to surgery and an effective treatment to treat the causes of chronic pain or injuries in patients.

This treatment is performed from the plasma derived from your body to minimise the possible side effects. The platelets help the body heal wounds and keep the skin healthy and nourished. Besides, PRP treatment also has many benefits for good physical health.

With that said, let’s discuss the purpose of PRP treatment described below.

What is the purpose of PRP?

PRP treatment improves the healing process to treat musculoskeletal problems by injecting a full concentration of the patient’s plasma into his body. Apart from that, other purposes of PRP are discussed below:

  • It rejuvenates the body

PRP stimulates collagen and elastin, which thickens and tightens thinning skin. Besides, it’s an excellent treatment for improving skin texture and tone. With that said, let’s move to the second purpose of PRP treatment below.

  • Provides symptomatic relief from knee osteoarthritis

Patients with knee osteoarthritis can benefit greatly from PRP treatment. It helps restore hyaluronic acid concentrations in the knees due to synovial fibroblast and hepatocyte growth factors in the platelet substance. 

As a result, joint damage is reversed, and disease progression is halted among patients to relieve knee osteoarthritis. Moving on to the third purpose of the treatment in the next section.

  • Tightens the skin

In just one session, PRP treatment can reverse years of skin damage. With this treatment, the skin tightens and appears slightly uplifted. The treatment penetrates deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production and connective tissue regeneration. 

When combined with a fractional C02 laser, microdermabrasion, or microneedling, plasma-rich therapy can significantly improve patients’ scar depth and skin texture. Let’s move on to the fourth purpose in the next section.

  • Safe treatment procedure

PRP is extremely safe due to the usage of natural elements. Its effective wound-healing properties have been recognised and used in hospital and sports medicine since the 1970s. The PRP treatment also promotes hair restoration, which is discussed in detail below.

  • Restores hair growth

PRP treatments for thinning hair areas of the scalp encourage hair follicles to produce thicker and healthier hair. It also increases blood flow and energises hair follicles to improve hair restoration. In the next section, let’s discuss how PRP treatment reduces inflammation in many patients.

  • Heals and reduces inflammation

Human anatomy is a complicated structure. When a muscle, joint, ligament, or other body part is injured, it may take some time to heal. Generally, healing can take months or even years, depending on its severity.

Now that we have discussed the applications of PRP treatments let’s look at the cost of PRP treatment in the next section.

Cost of PRP Treatment

The PRP treatment cost depends on your location, availability, and other factors. According to, the average cost of aesthetic PRP treatments ranges from $500 to $1000 per treatment. A full series of hair restoration costs around $2500 for patients. Moving on, let’s discuss the benefits and risks of PRP treatment in the next section.

PRP Treatment Benefits and Risks

PRP treatment utilises the blood’s natural healing properties to stimulate tissue regeneration in diseased or injured body areas. This treatment can specifically assist with the following:

  • Encourages healing and reduces reliance on medicines.
  • Reduces inflammation and restores mobility.
  • Postpone the osteoarthritic progression and joint degeneration to reduce dependency on surgeries.
  • PRP therapy is also used in cosmetic procedures to treat hair loss and skin conditions. It has several benefits in stimulating hair growth.

Many patients are doubtful about the possible side effects of treatment on their physical functions. So, let’s discuss whether there is downtime following the PRP treatment in the next section.

Is There a Downtime Following PRP Treatment?

PRP is a safe treatment procedure with little to no side effects on patients’ motor skills. A platelet-rich plasma is reinjected into the treatment area to stimulate collagen and elastin production, boosting muscle regeneration. Thus, the patients can continue their normal daily activities, keeping the suggested precautions in mind. With that said, let’s discuss the PRP treatment results in detail below.

PRP Treatment Results

PRP for hair loss can cause your hair to grow thicker and stronger. The follicles in thinning hair areas will become active to produce hair growth again. Also, hair appears thicker and healthier.

PRP therapy is a simple, minimally invasive in-office procedure completed in less than an hour. The majority of people can resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

You may need multiple injections for four to six months, two to three weeks apart. You can feel the improvement within a few weeks, with noticeable changes in the healing process. The time for effective PRP treatment depends on your body’s healing ability and the severity of your condition.


PRP injections stimulate the growth of injured tissues through blood plasma. Due to a lack of standardization, experts recommend PRP treatments for various musculoskeletal injuries, including osteoarthritis. If you want more about PRP treatments, consult Impact Cosmetic for better medical assistance for physical injuries.

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