What’s the Best Facial for Your Age?


Living in a metropolitan city has surely taken a lot from us. Even a facial that hardly takes 10 minutes has become a rigorous task. And we’d be lying if we said our skin is on the priority list of our daily to-do lists.

A facial at a salon when you’re just sitting and relaxing feels like a rejuvenated experience. But imagine having to spend a few percent of your income on a facial. With our increased standard of living, the expenses have gone up, but the income has been constant. It has surely become a task to manage the finances. That’s why we need remedies to these financial problems.

A cost-effective option for facials

But what if we told you there is an economically better way to care for your skin? Yes! It will be hard initially, but the routine will automatically follow once you know the drill. A home facial costs you less and yields long-term benefits, such as warding off wrinkles and keeping skin hydrated. 

There is no better way to exfoliate and hydrate your skin and remove those stubborn blackheads. However, caring for your skin is not restricted to staying at home. It also matters when you step out. Statistics and studies prove that 90% of skin damage and premature aging is caused due to sun damage and smoking. 

Not using sunscreen before you step out or not using the right sunscreen plays a major role. Therefore, you must consult your dermatologist routinely to determine what suits your skin the best.

However, one must understand and delve into the technicalities regarding what’s best suited for their skin type. Let’s understand what the experts have to say about the same.

In your 20s: Start good skin-care habits

This age is characterized by an enthusiastic and carefree personality. But that’s where the problems begin, not knowing when to start and the benefits it’ll reap for maintaining that youthful glow later in life. 

After all, “prevention is better than cure” According to Debra Jaliman, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of dermatology, neglect has a cumulative effect. Another thing that affects our skin is not doing the job right. For example, it happens so often that while exfoliating our skin, we become so impatient that we just want to wash off our face without knowing when we should actually do that. Neglecting skincare in early adulthood can affect the skin’s health and appearance. It includes inhibiting the emergence of new, healthy skin cells, which can result in a lackluster complexion and lack of vitality in the skin. 

Additionally, such neglect can cause premature wrinkles and dehydration of skin cells, and make the skin more susceptible to sun damage, potentially leading to an increased risk of skin cancer. Therefore, properly caring for your skin in your early adult years is important to maintain its health and radiance.

  • At the spa

Also, knowing your skin type and analyzing the products is essential as some may work for others and not for you. The next step could be to decide whether your skin type is oily or dry. 

Then choose a facial with purifying, moisturizing, and deep cleansing effects. You can also keep a blotting paper to absorb oil. If your skin is on the dry side then avoid harsh rubbing as it removes the natural oils from your skin.

  • At home

A good skincare routine should be just as effortless as brushing your teeth at home. You should have at least three to four steps in your skincare regimen: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen with an appropriate level of sun protection factor (SPF), 30 or more. Look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as active ingredients that physically block the sun’s rays.

In your 30s: Bust blemishes

The 30s are a tough ride. You’ve probably undergone a pregnancy, your hormones are constantly changing, and you’re becoming a victim of all the imbalance and breakouts.

Your features might look hard and the scars will be clearly visible. You might catch yourself in an embarrassing situation where people would recommend you various treatments or you might feel very disheartened and, often, shot down. 

As there has been a decade of the gap between the products you were using and that you use now, it might take a while to settle down everything. The thick lotions that moisturized younger skin can now clog pores. Age changes a lot. 

The late nights have caused heavy dark circles under the eyes. You probably never used an eye cream, but now you may have to. Stress also plays an important factor here.

  • At the spa

Given your age, it can be a little tricky to figure out what your skin will be like not just in the present moment but also in the future. A facial that has been proven to work best for women in their 30s is an aromatherapy facial. 

It basically uses oils that are mainly rich in aromas and provide a soothing effect on your skin. It relaxes your mind and also gives a good effect on your skin. The plant cells used in the oils seep into the skin during the massage and repair all the skin damage and all the dead cells. It also acts as a substitute for anti-aging creams.

  • At home

Never skip drinking water at whatever age you might be. It is better than any other expensive product you spend money on. It purifies your body, and the results are better than any cream. Never skip sunscreen with a required SPF. 

Products are not the only thing that can make your skin look good but taking the right diet is necessary too; add green vegetables and fruits to your diet and cut out on junk. These small steps go a long way in maintaining your skin habits.

In your 40s: Stop lines, wrinkles, and spots

In your 20s, the skin has a healing tendency, and it replenishes every 28 days, but when you reach your 40s, the process slows down and is delayed by 40 days. That causes extensive wrinkles and makes your skin tired all the time. Your pores might look even worse.

The dermatologist might question your skin habits in the past. That damage may show up now as deeper lines and wrinkles. People will start noticing broken capillaries, irregular pigmentation, and sun spots. The skin may also become more sensitive or itchy at this age from sun exposure and pre-menopause, the years before your periods stop.

  • At the spa

Since you’ve already reached an age where many treatments might just stop making sense, one of the facials that can rescue you is an anti-aging facial. The ingredients in this facial are specially meant for women over 30 and in their early 40s. It diminishes the signs of aging. It cures pore exfoliation or resurfacing.

  • At home

Exfoliate thrice weekly – less often if the skin is sensitive – to get the glow back. At different ages, the skin demands different treatments. During your 40s, your skin might lose the essential protein called collagen that maintains the elasticity of the skin. So always keep a collagen cream with you. At this age getting tired is very easy, so never miss your beauty sleep! 

In your 50s: Maintain elasticity and tone

The 50s is every woman’s nightmare—the phase where you can’t stop worrying about every little thing. Walking stairs feel harder than anything else. Your body is always exhausted, and taking care of your skin is the last thing you think about. Your skin changes to yellow, there is dullness around your cheeks, skin laxity, and whatnot.

  • At the spa

A facial that studies have shown to be really effective for women in their 50s is a nutraceutical facial. Every facial focuses more on cleansing but this facial also emphasizes the usage of hyaluronic acid to ensure optimum oxygen levels in your skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides. It makes the skin glow luminously. It also makes the skin intensely hydrated.  

  • At home

In your 50s, not remembering what all products to use along with the number of medicines you take can be a task. So keep your regimen as easy and as small as you can. Look for water-based moisturizers that don’t feel heavy on your skin. Use a vitamin C serum every alternate day and keep a collagen cream every day with you. If your skin is papery-dry, apply serum first, then layer a moisturizing cream on top.

Wrapping up!

With certain efforts and lifestyle modifications, you can opt for a cost-effective facial option that works per your age. You can choose to undergo the treatment at a spa or at home and reap the benefits. 
If you want to improve your appearance with good-quality facials, consider opting for Impact Cosmetics. We use derma planning and chemical peels to improve your skin appearance and attain younger-looking skin. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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