How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost?


Lip blushing is a semi-permanent pigment-depositing treatment that gives the wearer a perfectly natural-looking result. Lip blushing aims to infuse a hint of desirable colour into your lips and enhance their overall shape. Consequently, you do not have to use lip tints, glosses, or even lipstick if you don’t want to. It’s the quickest way to more flushed, natural lips!

How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost?

Pricing for lip blushing varies depending on your location and your tattoo artist’s skill. Every provider charges differently for lip blushing, but you can expect to spend at least $400 to $800, per session, with touch-ups ranging from free to $400. Even though the treatment can be pricey, many women who do lip blushing speak volumes of the results—and state that their perfectly pigmented and shaped lips are worth every penny.

Is Lip Blushing Cost Covered Under Medical Insurance ?

Lip blushing is a cosmetic procedure, so medical insurance does not cover its cost.

Make sure you never avail of the services of an unlicensed or inexperienced artist to save some money. You may end up with poor results or even risks and complications that could last a lifetime.

Is Lip Blushing Worth the Money?

Lip blushing is designed to enhance the natural colour and shape of your lips for a couple of years. Using pixelating, the aesthetician or the tattoo artist deposits small, undetectable dots of pigment to line and shade. The result is a lip with a colour boost and a more pronounced shape. Performed by aestheticians these days, the method uses organic pigments and advanced digital tools that involve several needle configurations instead of one harsh setting.

In general, lip blushing is worth it if you are looking for a subtle natural enhancement. The tattooing procedure can give your lips a lovely pop of colour and correct colour pigmentation for those with cool or dark-toned lips.

Here are some benefits lip blushing and how does it work to help you decide if it is worth it:

  • Effectively neutralises dark lips
  • Diminishes minor lip imperfections and asymmetry
  • Creates the illusion of fuller lips
  • Masks scars in the lip area

Lip blushing has amazing corrective and enhancement benefits if you weigh the pros against the cons.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Cost Of Lip Blushing ?

The lip blushing cost will depend on the artist you choose, the complexity of the design, the city you live in, and other factors. 

  • The location of your provider 

The location of the lip blush artist significantly affects the cost of the procedure. Generally, artists in large cities charge more than those in smaller towns due to higher demand and rent. 

Another important factor impacting the cost is the presence of competition in the area/locality. If the competition is high in a particular area, the charges are more and vice versa.

  • Find a qualified licensed service provider

Lip blushing is essentially achieved by tattooing. The procedure is typically performed by a tattoo artist or aesthetician instead of a traditional tattoo artist. This is because professional artists can help you achieve good overall results, rather than just lip colour alone.

Hence, when looking for a provider, ensure they have the requisite license and experience. It’s good to browse through the portfolio of their work to gain an idea about their experience and skills. 

Lip blushing should only be performed at a designated skin clinic or medical office. It is good to consult a dermatologist about your concerns first, so they can help you understand your treatment options.

  • Ask for the cost and whether it includes touch-ups

You do not always need touch-ups in the weeks after your initial appointment. But sometimes, adding another layer of pigment gives a more dramatic result.

Touch-ups are typically done around the 6- to 12-week mark. Many licensed providers include the first touch-up in the initial price of your procedure, but not all of them do. Be sure to check before you book an appointment for lip enhancement.

Also, understand that lip blushing is not a permanent cosmetic treatment. If you wish to maintain your results, you’ll need to pay full price for a touch-up once the lip blush tattoo fades in the coming years.

  • Experience of the artist

Beginning artists charge a lower lip tattoo cost than experienced masters. This is because they don’t have a vast work portfolio and are still fine-tuning their skill. So, if you come across a suspiciously low price, you now know why.

Where Can I Find the Best Lip Blushing Service Near Me?

As covered in this article, the lip-blushing treatment modifies the colour of your lips into whatever shade you like while also correcting any imperfections and asymmetry. Inevitably, you would need to consider the lip-blushing cost, but don’t base your decision entirely on that.
It is a good investment if you want a tint of lip makeup daily and to save time and energy. It is also a good procedure for fixing asymmetry, adding definition and fullness. So, although the lip-blushing cost is not a small investment, it can give you a priceless confidence boost. Looking for a Lip Blushing or brow lamination service near you? Impact Cosmetics is the best solution when it comes to the lip and beauty business. For natural-looking, fuller lips, book a lip-blushing appointment now!

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